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The cold hard facts…

Everyone in our business must be registered with the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA). Everything you want to know about a Registered Representative’s background (including Jon’s) can be found at http://brokercheck.finra.org



The Importance of our Independence

Our only loyalty is to our clients. We have no quotas, no proprietary products, no sales contests, and no "product of the day."

Our only job is to aggressively pursue client interests. Our business is based on satisfying client needs, not company sales goals.

Our only concern is that clients fully understand their investments. We avoid "exotic" securities.

Our only goal is client satisfaction with our services. We review client needs and goals frequently to ensure that portfolios remain on track with their targets.

Yes But…

Is my money safe with an independent advisor?
We never touch your money.   Money is held by National Financial Services,
a division of Fidelity Investments.  We only accept client checks whose payee
is the client’s account at NFS.   Existing accounts are directly transferred from
the client’s former broker to NFS. 

How will my money be invested?
We only invest client money in a diversified portfolio of institutional mutual
funds.  The actual allocation is based upon an initial financial plan and varies
from client to client depending on the individual’s unique goals.  We invest
only in reputable funds and all portfolios are liquid; ie, you can get your money
out in an emergency.

What kind of return do you guarantee? 
Woops!  Nothing in life is guaranteed and if someone offers a guarantee,
run the other way.  We do our very best for our clients, based upon industry
knowledge, experience and history – sadly, we don’t have a crystal ball.